Waitlist FAQ

Can I export my wait list report?
Yes. The entire report can be exported from your Thalamus account and downloaded to your computer as either an Excel or CSV file. Waitlist reports show a list of all applicants who signed up for the waitlists. The following details are available for each entry: applicant details (AAMC ID, first name, last name, email), waitlist date and timestamp, and scheduled (or N/A if not) and timestamp.
Why doesn’t Thalamus use automatic wait lists?
In the past, applicants would book an interview for one day, and then add themselves to the waitlist on another. A few weeks would go by and the applicant would book their flight and hotel accommodations for the date they signed up for, forgetting they had waitlisted themselves for the following week. A week after the applicant booked their non-refundable travel accommodations, they would receive an email notifying them they have successfully filled the waitlisted spot the following week. This is why Thalamus-based applicants have control over their calendar, including the option to either claim or pass on an open waitlist spot and allow someone else to take it depending on their circumstance at the time.
Can applicants schedule an interview spot with a program while concurrently being signed up for multiple wait lists on other dates within a single program?
Yes. Unlike any other scheduling system in GME, applicants can be signed up for an interview date with a program, and also signed up for waitlists on as many alternative dates as they choose.
Can I control how much time a wait listed applicant must respond?
Yes. You can set the time interval an applicant has to respond to an open position on the ordered waitlist. If the notified applicant does not respond within the allotted time, the next applicant on the list is notified. This process repeats until any open interview spots on that day are filled.
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