Can I copy Itinerary from one day into another?

In the itinerary builder, you can copy the interview template from one day to the next.
This will copy the interviewer sessions ONLY from one day to the next. You will need to add your applicants into the existing interviewer sessions after you have copied. 

To copy your itinerary from one day to the next you will need to have built an existing itinerary using the itinerary builder, and you will need to have calendar dates scheduled

1) After logging into Thalamus, select the "Interviews" tab, and then "Itinerary Builder".


2) On the right hand side of the screen, select the "gear" icon and choose "Copy Template" from the drop down menu. 


3) Choose the "Copy From" date (i.e. a date on which you already have itineraries built and which you'd like to use as a "template") and the "Copy To" date (i.e. the date to which you'd like your itinerary template copied).  

4) Select "Apply template". 


5) To view the sessions you have created, select the date you copied to from the Event drop down menu in the itinerary builder. 

6) Change the view to "By Interviewer". You will be able to see all of the sessions created for your interviewers. 


7) To add your applicants, select each session and edit the session to include your applicant. Additional information about editing itinerary sessions can be found in our guide Building your Interview day Itinerary using the Manual Itinerary Builder. 

Note: The templates referenced in this guide are different from the templates created using the itinerary wizard. Templates created in the itinerary wizard can only be used in that feature. Visit our guide Itinerary Wizard Training Video (build your interview day automatically) for more information. 


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