Editing Applicant Data

This guide reviews steps needed to edit applicant data from the applicant dashboard. 

This feature is only accessible users with assigned roles of Program Directors, Program Coordinators and Program Administrators. 

To access this feature, navigate to the Applicants page at the top of the screen when logged into Thalamus. 

1. Once you locate the applicant that you would like to make the changes to, click the 3 dot drop down menu.


2. This will bring up the menu and you can select "Edit Applicant Data" at the top of the list. 


3. The default tab open is "Applicant fields", the other available options are "Personal, Education, and Exams, Licenses/Certifications". 


All identifying details except the AAMC ID are available for editing. 

4. To edit the specific section, click the "^" and it will collapse the section to show all fields that are available for editing. 


In the event that you will need to re-upload additional documents into the application, please note that any manual changes made will not be overwritten when re-uploading an applicant's documents.

5. Program Administrators, Coordinators and Directors are able to update "Designated Pronouns" for applicants in the free text field.

6. Once all changes have been made, select "Complete".



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