Deleting Applicants Uploaded Into Wrong Program

How do I delete applicants that were uploaded into the wrong program?

Program directors, administrators and coordinators have the ability to remove applicants who have been incorrectly uploaded to the incorrect program.

**Please note that applicants can only be deleted if they have not been invited, scored or ranked.

To remove the applicant you will want to go to the applicant dashboard and take the following steps:

1. Select the applicant, that you are wishing to remove.

2. Then you will want to click the "Actions" button.

3. On the pop-up menu, scroll to the bottom and select “Delete”.


A pop up message will appear asking to confirm the delete action, you will either select "Confirm" or "Cancel".


Please note that once you select confirm the applicant will be deleted from your dashboard.

If you find that the applicant was deleted in error, you will need to reimport them via CSV file as normal and they will show again on your applicant dashboard. 



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