Reschedule an Interview with a Program

Applicants have the option to change their interview date within a program after they have initially scheduled a date.  Applicants do not have to cancel their original interview date to schedule a new one.  This guide will assist applicants on how to access their calendar events and RESCHEDULE an interview with a program in Thalamus.

  1. Navigate to the "Calendar" page within Thalamus
  2. Be sure to have all programs or the program you are scheduling for enabled on the left side of the screen as well as the filters in the upper right-hand corner enabled to "all"
  3. Click on the new interview date you would like to schedule forcalendar_confirmation.png
  4. A confirmation screen will open confirming that you want to be removed from the first scheduled date and be scheduled for the new interview date. 
  5. Select "YES" to confirm,  or "NO" to cancelSign_up_confirmation.png
  6. One "YES" is selected, the new scheduled interview date will indicate that you are now scheduled for it indicating a teal box with a check mark in it and you are removed from the previous dateFrame_2.png
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