Completing a Survey After Scheduling

Applicants have the option to complete program survey questions at the time of interview scheduling, or the survey may be postponed until after the interview has been scheduled. This guide will assist applicants on how to access any program surveys that have been sent to them in Thalamus.

Note: Programs have the ability to send three survey types: Pre-Interview, Post-Interview, Post-Match. For more information on the different types of surveys and on survey anonymity, visit our Understanding Program Surveys user guide.

Complete a Program Survey (when scheduling an interview)

If a program has included a survey with the interview invitation, after scheduling for an interview event, a survey window will open prompting applicants to respond to the survey. The survey can be postponed

For more information about scheduling an interview, review the How to Schedule an Interview with a Program guide.

Postpone a Program Survey (at time of scheduling)

  1. Once the interview event has been scheduled and confirmed, a new modal will open containing the program survey questions.
  2. To complete the survey, fill in the answers to the questions (questions may be skipped), and select “submit” to confirm answers.
  3. To postpone the survey and complete at another time, select “postpone”Survy_1.png

Complete Survey After Scheduling

  1. Navigate to the "Dashboard" page within Thalamus.
  2. Locate the "My Surveys" section towards the bottom of the page.
  3. Filter surveys by status:
    • All
    • New
    • Uncompleted
    • Completed
  4. Once you locate the program survey you would like to access, click "Start Survey" Completing
  5. Answer survey questions accordingly.
  6. Click "Submit" to confirm all answers.Survey_3.png
  7. Surveys can be answered or edited at any time prior to or after your interview date.
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