Waitlist Scheduling and Management for Applicants

Applicants can schedule and cancel themselves from program event waitlists. 

Note: The program must have a waitlist enabled on the event for applicants to schedule.  Waitlist information can be found in the event details within the calendar.

IMPORTANT: Applicants can be scheduled for waitlists on multiple events within a program.  As well as being able to schedule for an interview event while staying waitlisted on other events.  You do not need to remove yourself from the waitlist in order to schedule

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page to view and manage your events.mceclip1.png
  2. Locate the date that you want to change the waitlist status for and click that specific day
  3. If the event is full, the option to schedule for a waitlist will appearmceclip3.png
  4. A waitlist confirmation pop-up will appear, select "yes" to schedule onto the waitlist. 
  5. Selecting "No" will cancel the action.mceclip5.png
  6. You will then be added to the wait list for that specific day. 


Managing Your Existing Waitlists

  1. On the calendar page on the left side menu there is an section for waitlist and allows the applicant to "manage all waitlists"
  2. Select any events you want to cancel from the waitlist
  3. Within in the confirmation button, it will display the number of waitlist dates you are looking to cancel
  4. Click the "Cancel Waitlist" button mceclip2.png



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