Thalamus Video Troubleshooting - Device Settings

This guide contains information for Troubleshooting and Supporting interviewers and applicants while using the Thalamus Virtual Interview platform. 

We recommend users test the virtual interview platform prior to their first interview day. View our guide on Testing the Virtual Interview Platform Prior to Your Interview Dates.

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The device (computer/mobile phone) and accompanying settings can also have an effect your Thalamus Video experience. 

The following steps can be taken to optimize your device settings:

Device Requirements:

Video WebRTC requires at least 2GB of device memory. If your hardware has less than 4GB of memory, close any other app or browser tabs to free up as much memory as possible.  Most computers and mobile phones today satisfy these requirements.


Check Browser Permissions:

You may need to give permission to your browser to enable the camera/mic/speaker:


Device Connection Issues:

    • Check that Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet or any other application is not currently using your camera/microphone. You may need to close the Zoom, Teams, Webex or Google Meet app on your desktop toolbar. 

Multiple Cameras/Headsets/Devices?

    • Select the camera and microphone you want to use as your default on the settings page immediately prior to joining a Thalamus video call


    • If you are still having issues, try selecting another device.
    • If issues persist, try reloading the page or restarting your device.

Sound/Volume/Video Issues?

    • Set your computer speakers or device to an appropriate volume level.
    • Unmute your microphone on your device and on our video platform.
    • Enable your camera on your device and on our video platform. 


If you are experiencing Audio Feedback (echo, reverb, static, noise) during your call:

How do I fix audio feedback (echo, reverb, static noise) during my session?

To-date, Thalamus video has completed tens of millions of minutes of virtual interviews and the information in this guide will assist in ensuring a high-quality virtual interview experience.  For additional questions or support please, contact us directly at or selecting the help button at the bottom-right-hand corner of any Thalamus screen. 

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