Adding a Personal Event (Non-Thalamus) onto the Thalamus Calendar

Applicants have the option to add personal events onto their Thalamus calendar to keep everything in one place!  These events can include interviews scheduled outside of Thalamus, Program Social Events, Second-Looks, and any other events held throughout the interview season. Events can also be customized with event details to include virtual links, date and time, and other important details.

Create Personal Events

  1. Navigate to the "Calendar" page
  2. Click "Add Event"Frame_8.png
  3. Enter any details of the event within any of the fields in the Personal Event Details screen
  4. Select Save. The event will will populate into Thalamus calendar on the date entered.Personal_Event_Details.png

View and Manage Personal Events

Personal Events can be viewed on the Calendar page. The event details are viewable by clicking on the event.  


While viewing the event details, there are three options available:

  1. Edit Event: editing an event will open the Edit Personal Event screen.  Any event information may be changed or updated as needed. Select Save to update.
  2. Delete Event: selecting this option will delete the event and remove it from the Thalamus Calendar.  Once an event is deleted, this cannot be undone.
  3. Export to iCal, Google, Outlook: this option will download a calendar event to populate onto a personal calendar if preferred.



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