Withdrawing yourself from a Program (Applicant Guide)

Applicants are able to withdraw themselves from a program's consideration within Thalamus.
We highly recommend that applicants reach out to a program with as much advance notification as possible, they are withdrawing from to confirm their withdrawal, particularly if you are already scheduled for an interview day with that program. 

Withdraw from your dashboard

  1. At the bottom of the applicant dashboard, you will find a list of all programs that have invited you to interview through Thalamus.

  2. Locate the program you'd like to withdraw from, and select the option to "withdraw".

  3. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm that you'd like to withdraw from that program. Select the box "Yes, I choose to withdraw from this program" and select "Confirm".



Withdraw via Mobile app

1. Select an event from your list or calendar via in the mobile app for the program you would like to withdraw from. 

2. Select the "View Program" option.


3. Select "Withdraw from program". You will be given a prompt to confirm your withdraw from this program. 




Note: Once you have withdrawn from a program, this is not something that can be undone from your dashboard or calendar. If you have withdrawn from a program by mistake, please reach out to the program directly. They are able to remove your withdraw from their program. 

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