How to Schedule an Interview with a Program for Applicants (Mobile App)

Congratulations on being invited to interview for a Residency or Fellowship. This guide will show you how to schedule, reschedule and cancel your interview dates with a program via Thalamus Mobile App. View our user guide on How to Schedule An Interview with a Program (Web/ Browser).

  1. You will receive an email from a program that invites you to interview. This email will also include a link to join Thalamus, or a link to log into Thalamus (if you are an existing user).

  2. Follow that link to log into Thalamus. When you first log in, you will be directed to your personal dashboard. This dashboard includes a list view of all programs that have invited you to interview. You can filter this page by All programs, Scheduled Programs, Pending Programs, and Waitlisted programs. You can also change your view to a "Calendar view" from this screen. 

    You can learn more about the different views in Thalamus through our Using the Thalamus Mobile App for Applicants guide. 

Scheduling an interview 

  1. To schedule an interview, select the interview date and program you'd like to schedule with. 

  2. When you locate the date you want to schedule, you should be aware of a few things:

    • How many open slots there are on that date. If there is only 1 open slot, there is a chance that another applicant will take that spot before you are able to schedule. 
    • If the event is in the future, or the past. You will not be able to schedule an interview date in the past. 
    • Is the date locked? The date will be locked for sign ups and cancellations if you see a "lock" symbol on the event. 

  3. To schedule the desired interview date, select the event from your list. From this screen, you can "View Program" which allows you to view the program's profile, or "Sign Up for Interview" which will schedule you into the event. 

  4. Click Sign up for Interview on your desired interview session. A new module will open asking you to confirm your choice.

  5. If the program has created a survey, you will have to option to complete surveys questions at that time. SURVEYS ARE OPTIONAL and can be postponed to submit at a later time

    Note: You will only be able to schedule 1 Interview per day, and only 1 interview per program.

  6. The interview session will now turn Blue and have a checkmark on it, indicating that you are scheduled for that day.

  7. You can filter your list view by "Scheduled" interviews, to see only those interviews schedule. 

    Add yourself to a waitlist

  8. If the interview date you choose is already full, or is locked to new sign ups, you will be prompted to "Join Waitlist". You can join as many waitlists as you want. If a position becomes open on that date, you will be prompted to sign up based on how the program has created their waitlists.  (View more information on Wait List / Waitlist Types.)

  9. On the Web/Browser version of Thalamus, you have the ability to manage all of your waitlisted dates. 

    Cancel your interview 

  10. You can cancel your interview sessions by clicking on the Interview session you'd like to cancel, and a module will open which will allow you to "View Program" or "Cancel Interview". 

  11. Clicking "Cancel Interview" will open a module asking you to confirm your decision. As soon as you cancel the interview, your position will become open to any other Applicant on the waitlist or otherwise. Please be sure you want to cancel before taking this step. 

    Rescheduling your Interview

  12. To reschedule your interview day with a program, locate a date with open spots that you'd like to schedule into.

  13. Follow the same steps to schedule an interview as indicated above. When you confirm your new interview date, it will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel your previously scheduled date. 

  14. Once confirmed, you will receive a cancellation and rescheduling notice via email. 


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