Swapping Applicants on a Scheduled Interview Day

Thalamus allows you to swap two candidates without creating additional spots on your interview day.

  1. Search for applicant A on the applicant dashboard
  2. Select the 3 dots next to their name
  3. Select "manually schedule"Swap_1.jpg
  4. In the manually schedule module, select the "force assign (override rules)" button (It will toggle blue when active) and select the calendar date you'd like to schedule into.Swap_2.jpg
  5. When given the option to open the cancelled spot on the cancelled interview date, select the option to "remove the spot when cancelling" (the second option)Swap_3.jpg
  6. Applicant A will now be scheduled into your interview day, and will display as +1 on the calendar.Swap_4.jpg
  7. Search for Applicant B and follow the same steps


View additional information about Inviting Applicants to Interview and Cancelling an Applicant Interview or Waitlist.

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