Receiving Error when Inviting Applicant

Question: I am receiving an error message when trying to invite an applicant, why is this happening?


There are a couple of instances that you will encounter an error message while inviting applicants that will require additional action:

1. No Track and Tiers Assigned

2. Discrepancies with AAMC ID details


No Track and Tiers Assigned

Prior to inviting applicants, they must be assigned to a track and tier. Tracks and tiers help with sorting and prioritizing the applicants for scheduling their interviews. Applicants can be assigned the same track and tiered or you can assign them differently depending on your interview spot availability. You can assign the applicant to the track and tier from the applicant dashboard individually or in bulk. 

To assign in bulk you will select full page, then at the action button assign the tiers and then select all again and assign the tracks. 

To assign to one individual, you can select the 3 dots and choose set tracks and then choose the 3 dots again and choose assign tier.

**Please review our user guide that will provide additional details on tracks and tiers, as well as assigning them to the applicant:

Assigning Applicant Tracks on your Applicant Dashboard – ThalamusGME

Assigning Tiers to Applicants on your Applicant Dashboard – ThalamusGME

Important to note that applicants are not aware of the track and tier that they have been assigned to. 

Once the applicant has been tracked and tiered you will be able to invite them to interview. 

Discrepancies with Applicant AAMC Id

There is a discrepancy between the AAMC ID that you have used when you have uploaded the applicant, and the AAMC ID that is already assigned to that applicant within Thalamus. This may have happened because the applicant has changed their AAMC ID or received a new one. When this happens, you will receive the below error at the time of inviting the applicant about their being a discrepancy because the applicant is showing with another AAMC in Thalamus.


When this occurs, you should take the following steps:

1. Reach out to the applicant and ask them to confirm their correct AAMC Id
2. Delete the incorrect applicant listing on your thalamus applicants page

  • Place a checkmark in the box next to the applicant you are wanting to delete
  • Then select "Action" button
  • At the drop down menu, select "delete"

3. Update your CSV file with the applicants corrected AAMC ID

4. Reimport your CSV file with the correct AAMC ID

5. If the AAMC ID you have for the applicant is correct, contact us at for next steps. 

6. Once that has been completed, you will then be able to invite the applicant to interview. 



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