Create Additional Rank List(s)

Programs have the ability to create multiple rank lists within a single program.  This will allow programs to fully customize their rank lists and assign any applicants to one or multiple additional rank list(s).  

Minimum requirements to create an additional rank list:

IMPORTANT: Additional rank lists have different settings than the default rank list.  Review the below information and steps carefully prior to creating additional lists. 

  • Unlike the default rank list, applicants will NOT be automatically added to additional rank lists.

  • Additional rank lists do not need to have applicants assigned at the time of creation. Applicants can be assigned to additional rank lists at a later date.
  • Recalculating the rank list WILL re-rank everyone (take messaging from message)

  • Add additional applicants onto any additional rank list without changing the order of any previously ranked applicants

  • Creating additional rank lists will not impact your default rank list.  

Additionally, you can view the Additional Rank List OnDemand training video.

Create an Additional Rank List

Once an applicant has an overall score added, they will automatically be placed on the "Default" rank list.  To create an additional rank list to rank a specific group of applicants, follow the below steps:

  1. Select “Score” from the upper menu bar

  2. Select “Applicant Rank List”

  3. Click the " + " icon

  4. The Create New Rank List Wizard will openAdding_Multiple_Rank_List.png

Step 1 - Rank List Details

Any additional rank list created can be customized with specific details:

  1. Enter information in the fields provided

    • Assign a rank list name in the "Name" field (mandatory)

    • Add a description of the rank list in the "Description" field (optional)

  2. Customize the color of the rank list name tab (optional)

    • The rank list color will also correspond to a color icon next to the applicant name

  3. Select "Next"Step_1_-_Rank_List_Details.png

Step 2 - Assign to Rank List by Track or Tag (optional)

Applicants can be assigned to a new rank list in bulk by choosing applicants associated with a specific track or tag. If no applicants are assigned a track or tag, skip this step by selecting “Next”.

Requirements: Must have at least one tag or track created and assigned to an applicant to add them to a rank list.  

  1. Select the “down” arrow to the right of the field you want to populate. You can choose either or both Tracks and Tags.

  2. Select the track name and/or tag name (can select none, one, or multiple in each field)

  3. The amount of applicants selected will be listed

  4. Select "Next"STep_2.png

Step 3 - Assign to Rank List by Applicant Name (optional)

Assign applicants to a rank list by selecting individual applicants by name. This can be done in addition to adding applicants by tracks or tags.

NOTE: Only applicants that have been assigned an overall score will appear in the drop down for selection. Applicants that do not have an overall score at the time of assigning, can be added at a later time once an overall score is added. 

  1. Select the down arrow within the "Applicant(s)" field

  2. Select one or multiple applicant names 

  3. Use the search bar to look up an applicant quickly by name

  4. Select "Next"Step_3_-_Assign_by_Name.png

Step 4 - Rank List Preview

Review all applicants selected to be assigned to the rank list. 

  1. All applicants selected in steps 2 and 3 will be listed

  2. To make changes to prior steps, select “Back”

  3. Select "Confirm" to create the listStep_4_-_Rank_List_Review.png

Repeat the steps as necessary to create any additional Rank Lists 

Recalculating or Reordering an Additional Rank List

The newly created list will then be displayed in a new tab with the list name, description, and color assigned.

  1. Applicants will be ordered alphabetically

  2. Applicant ranks are set to “Manual” rankAdditional_Rank_List_-_not_recalculated.png

Once all applicants have been assigned to the rank list, the rank list can be recalculated to reorder ALL applicant ranks by overall score.

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the rank list

  2. Select the "Recalculate" button to reset all applicant ranks by overall score within that rank list.Recaclculate_Rank_List.png

NOTE: Recalculating any additional rank list will reset ALL APPLICANTS ranks within that specific rank list.  If an applicant is assigned to multiple lists, no other rank lists will be modified when recalculating.

When adding new applicants to a rank list, the newly added applicants will be added to the bottom of your rank list and ordered alphabetically. You have the option to recalculate all of the applicants in order for them to be ranked by score.

After recalculating the rank list, all applicants will be placed in rank order automatically by their overall score total.


Identifying Additional Rank List Applicants on the Default Rank List

When viewing applicants on the "Default" rank list, any applicant assigned to an additional rank list will be indicated by a colored circle under their name.  When hovering over the circle with your cursor, the name of the Additional Rank List as well as the applicant's current rank will be displayed. See Viewing and Ordering the Default Applicant Rank for more options.


View Recalculating and Managing Additional Rank Lists to learn more!

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