Sorting and Searching Applications in Cortex

Cortex supports sorting by specific applicant criteria and searching for information listed in the full Application. 

Sorting Applications

  1. Select the Applications tab from the top toolbar within Cortex
  2. Select the "Sort By" drop down menu.  
  3. You are able to sort by the following criteria: 
    • Applicant Index
    • Keyword Count
    • Reviewer Score
    • Last Name
    • Medical School
    • AAMC ID
  4. Select the criteria you would like to sort by. Your applicant list will be updated according to the criteria selected. 
  5. The Default sort by criteria is "Last Name: A-Z". To return your applicant list to its original state, select these criteria. 
  6. Applications can be sorted after applying filters, blinders or the applicant index. 



Searching application data

You are able to search applications within Cortex to locate a specific applicant or group of applicants. 

  1. Within the search bar, search from the following criteria:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Medical School Name
    • Hometown
  2. To remove your search, delete the text you have entered into the search bar. 



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