Creating a Quick Golf Score to Populate your Rank list

The Thalamus Rank list requires an overall score to be entered in order for the rank list to populate. This guide describes a process for programs to enter a simple score to populate their Rank list and will also allow users to mark applicants as matched at the end of the season. 

Programs that had previously used other methods for ranking are now able to create a score and rank within Thalamus using a simple "Golf Scoring" rank type, in which the lowest scored applicant is the highest rank. 

Scoring Algorithm

The scoring and ranking settings can be accessed by selecting "Score" in the top menu bar


Click the "Ranking Settings" tab, click "Edit" and set the rank type to "Golf Rank Type" and then hit "Save". 



Return to the "Scoring Algorithm' tab, this is where you will want create a score algorithm.


In the Create box, create a scoring algorithm named "Rank" or something similar. The algorithm type should be "Overall Score".

The weight will remain as 100%, then hit "Save".



Once your algorithm has been created you may enter scores from the applicant dashboard.

On the applicant dashboard, you can select the 3-dots next to the applicant name and scrolling down the menu to "Score Applicant".


Another option would be to scroll to the left on the dashboard to the "Overall Score" column and select  "Not Scored" on the applicant row.


This will bring up the applicant score card. Here is where your faculty can enter their individual scores, or it can be entered by the administrator on their behalf by clicking the "Add Score" button:


This will open the "Create Applicant Score" window for you to choose the following:

  1. Score: Be sure to select Overall Score, as this is what will build your rank list
  2. Algorithm: Select your new score algorithm that was created
  3. Interviewer: If the faculty is entering the scores themselves, their name should be showing if not they will need to select it from the drop down. Please note that if the administrator is entering on behalf of someone else, this is where they should enter the faculty name.
  4. Rank: Here is where you will enter the applicant score. 


Begin to enter scores for each as you would want them to appear on your rank list.

Enter "1" as the score for the highest ranked applicant and then "2" for the second highest ranked applicant and so on.

As soon as a score is entered for an applicant, Thalamus will begin to build the rank list.


Rank List

To view the "Applicant Rank List" you will want to return to the menu and select "Score" then "Applicant Rank List"


Please note that your rank list will be based on the golf score which is how the score is achieved in a game of golf. This will provide programs with a quick rank list, and access to the time-saving rank panel!

Please see our user guide on what actions are available within our rank list, Viewing and Ordering the Default Applicant Rank – ThalamusGME


Marked as Matched

After receiving match results, programs can mark the applicants they matched with "as matched" by selecting applicants individually. 

Once the applicants have been selected, select the "Actions" button and scroll down the menu to "Marked as Matched" 


Once applicants have been marked as matched they will show on the applicant dashboard with a "Star" next to their avatar and their row will be highlighted yellow. 


Additional instructions can be found here in our User Guide: Mark As Matched and Composite Builder – ThalamusGME .

Please note that applicants can also sill be marked as "matched" even if they were not scored in Thalamus.




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