Blurring and Adding Video Background to Thalamus Video

Thalamus Video provides applicants and programs users with the ability to blur or add a virtual background to hide their surroundings while engaging in their interviews while using the Thalamus Video platform. This guide will provide you with the steps on how to update the background. 

Accessing Thalamus Video

  1. Select the "Schedule" tab and then "My Schedule" from the drop-down menu to view the scheduled interview sessions.

  2. Navigate to the correct interview session by selecting the interview session on the left navigation menu or by using the arrows at the top of the page

  3. If you are scheduled for multiple interview sessions on the same day, you will see multiple rows within the page.  The following is accessible within each row:

    1. Itinerary session information including name, time, and date

    2. Applicant information that will include Applicant Name, Medical School, AAMC ID and Email

  4. If a Thalamus virtual interview session has been scheduled, you will see the "Join Meeting" button.  Click "Join Meeting" to enter the virtual interview session. 
    Note: The preferred browser for using the Thalamus Virtual Interview Platform is Chrome. Important note: Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for Thalamus Video.

Updating the Background Settings

Set the Virtual Background at the time of joining the meeting or while in the Video session.  Click on the "Settings" button (gear icon) while in the Virtual session to change your Virtual Background at anytime.

  1. A new tab will open in your browser taking you to the Join Meeting page where you will be able to select and save the camera, microphone, and virtual settings (use the scroll bar on the right to scroll up and down to view all settings if necessary).

  2. You must save your camera, microphone and background settings to join your first meeting. These settings will be saved locally on your device and browser, and the user will be able to join subsequent meetings without reselecting camera, microphone and background settings.

  3. Using the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the Settings box, you will want to scroll down to “Virtual Background”.

  4. From the drop-down menu, users have the option to select between three virtual backgrounds, listed below. Upon making a selection, your video preview will update in real time to reflect the selected background:

    1. None: No background will be added

    2. Blur: Will blur background from any visible view

    3. Image: Allows the user to option to upload an image of their choosing as a background

  5. If users have selected “Image” from the drop-down menu, they will then need to select the “Upload Image" option. This will open a file folder window, where you are able to select an image from your computer to upload as a background.
    Note: The file size should be no more than 10MB and the supported file types are .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .gif

  6. Once the image has been selected it should now show in the box to the left. The background image will also update in your video preview, visible to all participants in the meeting. 

  7. If you have uploaded an incorrect image or would no longer like that image to appear as a background, select the “Remove Image” button. The image should no longer show in the image box to the left.

  8. Once settings have updated, the “Save Settings” button will now be enabled, and you will now be able to join your meeting. Note that the selection of your virtual background settings will be saved on both your local device and user account, meaning that if you join a meeting using the same account but a different device, the updated settings will be reflected.


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