Inviting Applicants to Interview

Inviting applicants to interview is an exciting step in the GME recruitment process. In order to invite applicants, the following pre-requisites must be met.  Click through each link for a guide on completing these steps:



Steps to Invite an Applicant or Group of applicants to interview

1.  Use search/filters to select the group of applicants that will be invited to interview.  


2.  Select “Actions.”

3. Select “Invite to Interview.”


4.  The “Invite to Interview” module will appear.  From here, you will be able to confirm your invitations prior to inviting. This module will also provide the following information: 

          • The Names and Number of applicants inviting
          • Information about your calendar that may prevent applicants from signing up for your interview days. 
          • Indicate whether any applicants were previously invited


5. From this module, you will also be able to take the following actions prior to inviting:

          • Change the email template you'd like to use for these applicants from the drop-down menu
          • Assign Survey Questions to these applicants, by sliding the "survey questions" button to the right. 



6.  If you are assigning survey questions to your applicants, select the survey questions you'd like to send by checking the boxes next to the questions. A selected question will be indicated with a "teal" checkmark next to the question.  Questions may be reordered by “dragging and dropping” questions into order. 

7. To send the invitations to selected applicants, select the "Invite" button. Your applicants have now been invited to interview! Email invitations will be sent automatically through Thalamus. 

8.   To cancel the invitation, select “CANCEL” or click anywhere outside of the box. NOTE: This must be done before clicking INVITE. 

9.  Once invited, you will see a confirmation message in a green box and the date of invitation will be populated into the “Invited Date” column on the Applicant Dashboard.



Based on your scheduling preferences, applicants will now be able to self-schedule into your calendar, or you will be able to manually schedule applicants into your calendar. 



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