Customizing Table Columns on your Applicant Dashboard

Thalamus allows each user to customize the fields viewable in the table columns on their Applicant Dashboard. 

This should be done after you have uploaded your data from ERAS. Visit our  Uploading Applicants into Thalamus from ERAS and Cortex Supplemental Application Support guide for more information. 

  1. Select “Gear” button on the far right of the dashboard.
  2. To display a particular column on your Applicant Dashboard, ensure that the “slider” button next to that value is selected (slider to the right and teal blue in color).
  3. To hide a column from view, turn slider “off” (slider to the left and grey in color).
  4. Users may select order that the columns appear on a table by “dragging and dropping” each data value up and down the table (up = further to the left on the table, down up further to the right on the table).
  5. Use the grey slider bar at the right to scroll up and down the column list.
  6. To return table to default setting, select “Restore Default” link at the top of the module.
  7. To confirm these changes, select “SAVE.” To cancel this process, select “Reset” or click anywhere outside of the box.
  8. Select "Return to Applicants" to return to the Applicant Dashboard. Applicant_Dashboard_Columns_.png

Note: Refresh the browser page if you do not see changes. You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar in order to see your additional columns. 

Note: Thalamus supports the following column fields from the Supplemental Application and all program users will be able to view this information. 

  • Preference Signal

  • Division Preference

  • Division Preference Description

  • Setting Preference

  • Setting Preference Description

  • Meaningful Experiences

  • Other Impactful Experiences


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