Using the Thalamus Mobile App for Applicants

The Thalamus web app is the core feature for managing you interview schedule within Thalamus.  It is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. 
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Login to the app by typing in your email and password associated with your Thalamus account. Select the "Sign In" button.


There are four sections to view in the menu button. Select the menu by clicking the three bars at the top to access the different sections: 


  1. Calendar allows you to view all invites, Scheduled, Pending, and Waitlisted
  2. Profile will allow users to edit your profile information and upload a Profile Photo
  3. Settings allows you to enable biometrics for login (fingerprint or face recognition)
  4. Help navigates you to view user guide articles or send a message to contact us
  5. Sign out allows you to sign out of the app 



In the calendar view, there will be four tabs located at the bottom that can be toggled through for different lists.  Click on each "tab" to view each list: 

  1. All will list all interview spots offered by any programs that you were invited to (this will include calendar invites that are also full)
  2. Scheduled will list all currently scheduled interview events
  3. Pending will list all interview spots offered by any program you were invited to that only have available spots to sign up for
  4. Waitlisted will show any events that you are currently waitlisted for


Select which programs you want to see in each tab by following the below steps:

  1. Click the filter button on the top bar   



     2.  Choose which program/s you want viewable or not viewable

NOTE: This view will also show you which color is designated to each program


Toggle your view between List and Calendar

  • Click on on how you prefer dates to be displayed.  Select between "List View" or "Calendar View" 

List View

  1. Choose the "Calendar Icon" to display in calendar view
  2. See where sessions are offered by the colored dates below each date
  3. Select the date you would like to view in detail
  4. Program sessions scheduled for that day automatically filter to the top of the list


Calendar View

5. Choose the "List Icon" to display in list view
6. Dates are provided in list format chronologically by date


Picture20.png  Picture21.png


From the menu button, select Profile.  Select one of two options:

  1. Change Password allows you to change your password to log in to Thalamus
  2. Edit Profile will allow you to The profile view will allow you to view and make the following changes to your profile: 
      • Upload Profile Photo
      • Home Airport
      • First and Last Name (required)
      • Email (required)
      • Address 
      • Specialty
      • Medical School
      • Medical Degree

Make changes and click "Update Profile" at the bottom once complete



From the menu button, select "Settings"

  • Click on "Use Biometrics" to set up fingerprint or face recognition 



From the menu button, select "Help"

  1. View User Guides to help navigate through the interview process
  2. Contact Us for any questions or inquiries


Sign Out

To sign out of the mobile app, select "Sign Out" from the menu screen.

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