Integrating Zoom for your Virtual interview day

Thalamus has the ability to integrate your Zoom account into your virtual interview day through the Zoom App Marketplace

In order to accomplish this, you will need to set up a third party API with your Zoom account and Thalamus. 

You must have an existing paid Zoom account that can accommodate your interview day.

**Please note that if you are planning on using breakout rooms during your interview day, then you should NOT integrate Zoom with Thalamus, as integrating into Thalamus will create separate Zoom links for each session.**


Account requirements:

To use Zoom any licensed account is able to authorize the API once it is on the Zoom Marketplace. The account must either have Admin Privileges to automatically allow sub accounts to authorize the App. 

Alternately, the sub accounts can request that their administrator pre-approve the Thalamus App.  The Specific instructions can be found at 

Pre-Approval can be accomplished in the following way 

  • An Administrator on your Zoom account will have to login to 
  • Click Manage in the upper right hand of the page. 
  • Select App Requests on the MY ADMIN DASHBOARD 
  • Select Pre-approve on the app request for Thalamus  


Installation/Authorization Process:

  1. Log in to as a Program Director, Administrator or Coordinator.
  2. On the Thalamus Program page scroll to Virtual Interviews at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Edit to enable system configuration changes.
  4. Select Zoom and then click the Authorization, Login, button. 

  5. The browser will be redirected to the Authorization page. 
  6. If the current user is not logged into Zoom, they will be required to log in. 
  7. The User will be prompted to accept or decline the Application’s Access to their account. Click Accept 
  8. The user will be returned to the Program page.

Alternatively, the Thalamus Zoom app may be accessed from the Zoom App Marketplace.

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Thalamus and click the app.
  3. If the app is not pre-approved, please contact your Zoom admin to approve this app for your account.
  4. Click Visit Site to Install, confirm the permissions the app requires and choose Allow.
  5. You will be redirected to Thalamus, follow the instructions above to install and authorize the application.

Usage of the Application/Creating a Meeting:

  1. The user will create a meeting in Thalamus using the Zoom App. 
  2. Follow the steps in the guide Building Applicant Itineraries and Event Sessions, to create a new session.  Additionally, you can also follow the steps in the guide Using the Itinerary Wizard to build your Interview day automatically. 
  3. When choosing your session location, choose "Virtual Interview (Zoom)" (after installing the app and authorizing it as described above."  (Alternatively, you may also select "Virtual Interview (Manual)"and copy the meeting URL from Zoom and paste it onto the URL field in the Edit Session module). 
  4. Save session with additional information as desired. 


 5. Thalamus will then create a Zoom link for this session in the itinerary builder.   If using the itinerary wizard, Zoom will be build links for each session.


 Limits in the Zoom Integration:

  1. Zoom has determined specific limits on creating/updating events through API. Users cannot create/ update more than 100 meetings for a user in a single day.

  2. Additionally, If concurrent requests (GET/DELETE/PATCH/POST/PUT) are being made on a single resource, the request may fail and you will receive an error message along with a 429 HTTP status code.

  3. Concurrent rate limits error will occur in rare cases such as when your app makes multiple requests in a short period of interval to disassociate a user from your account. In this scenario, you will receive the following error message:

    Too many concurrent requests. A request to disassociate this user has already been made.


  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for Thalamus app.
  3. Click the Thalamus app.
  4. Click Uninstall.  
  5. On the Program page in Thalamus, change the selected virtual interview type at the bottom of the page to "Virtual Interview (Thalamus)."



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