Inviting Applicants to Social Events

For inviting your applicants to an interview event, visit our Inviting Applicants to Interview user guide.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must be assigned a scheduling group and tiered prior to inviting to interviews and/or social events.


Applicants are able to sign up for any scheduled social event as soon as you invite them to interview with your program. You can add language to your invitation email template to notify the applicants about scheduling for social events. Visit out Managing/Editing Automatic Email Templates user guide for information on editing your invitation email.

We recommend creating your social events prior to inviting your applicants to interview, and utilizing your desired calendar settings to manage applicant self scheduling into your social events according to your preference.

If you prefer to manually add your applicants to a social event, create all social events as private or closed, and you will be able to manually schedule applicants as you prefer:

Social Event Private Closed.png

Applicants will not be notified of social events being added to your calendar after they are invited for an interview. If you add additional social events to your calendar after the initial invite, we recommend utilizing an Additional Template to notify your applicants.

More information on creating additional email templates can be found in our Manually Sending Email Templates user guide.


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