Inviting Applicants to Follow up Interviews

Programs can invite an applicant to up-to four follow up interviews during the recruitment season. 

Note: Applicants must be invited to the previous round of interviews prior to being able to invite to the next. Applicants will not need to complete any of these interview prior to being invited to the next subsequent round.

Once you have created your calendar events it is now time to invite your applicants to either their second, third or fourth interview. 

As with the initial interview, these actions can be taken in bulk or on an individual basis.

  1. Navigate to the “Applicant” tab on the menu.

  2. There are now three tabs labeled “Interviews, Follow-Up Interviews, and Social Events”

  3. If this is an initial interview and/or second interview stay on the “Interviews” tab.

  4. Use the search/filters to select the group of applicants that will be invited for a follow up interview.

  5. Select “Actions”

  6. Select “Invite for Follow Up Interview”

  7. The Invite for Follow Up Interview module will appear. From here, you will be able to confirm your invitations prior to inviting. This module will provide the following information:

    1. The names and number of applicants inviting

    2. Information about your calendar that may prevent applicants from signing up for your interview days.

    3. Indicate whether any applicants have been previously invited to this specific interview day.

  8. From this module, you will also be able to make the following actions prior to inviting:

    1. Change the email template you’d like to use for these applicants from the drop-down menu

    2. Assign survey questions to these applicants, by sliding the “survey questions” button to the right.

  9. If you are assigning survey questions to your applicants, select the survey questions, you’d like to send by checking the boxes next to the questions.

  10. To send the invitations to the selected applicants, select the “Invite” button.

  11. Once you have invited the applicant to their second interview and determine that you want to see them for a third and/or fourth then you will want to navigate to the “Follow-Up Interview” tab.

  12. Then you will want to select the radio button for the interview round that you are looking to schedule for the applicant.

  13. Applicants can be selected in bulk or individually to be invited to those additional follow up interviews.
    a. Individually invite - Next to the applicant select the 3-dot menu and scroll down the menu and choose “Invite to Follow Up Interview”. This will bring up the invite module, where you can select the email template and assign any applicable surveys.
    b. Bulk Invite - Select applicants per “full page” or “All”, once all applicants are highlighted select the “Actions” button and select “Invite to Follow Up Interview”. Again this will bring up the invite module, to select email template and assign any applicable surveys

For additional information on inviting applicants, please see our user guide,

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