Reporting and Data Exports

Thalamus offers a variety of reporting to help you stay organized through a busy recruitment season. An overview of all reports and exports are below, along with links to more detailed guides on each report.

Cerebellum, a Thalamus add on, offers a dashboard view of your applicant data from all recruitment seasons, including scheduling & invite trends, geographic data and DEIB data. Review our Overview of Cerebellum Data for more information. 


Data Exports:

Thalamus offers several ways you can export your applicant data to excel or txt files.

Applicant dashboard: You are able to bulk export any data that is stored within your applicant dashboard into an excel file, with the exception of detailed scores, survey answers, PDF files and image files. Learn how to Export data from your Applicant Dashboard.

Rank list: From your rank list, you are able to export your default and multiple rank lists into both excel and txt files at any time.  Additionally, you can export individual applicant score information from the Rank list Panel as an excel file. Learn more about Ranking Applicants here.

Roster layouts & Composite: There are a variety of roster layouts available that allow you to export applicant data into a formatted document, such as a Word, PDF, or Powerpoint document. These layouts are customizable and can be generated from both your Applicant Dashboard and your Calendar Events. Learn how to Customize Roster Layouts here.




Thalamus offers 5 different prebuilt reports that are designed to help you track and manage your applicant scheduling. All reports can be exported into an excel file. Learn how to review Reports here. 

Action log: Displays all scheduling actions taken by an applicant, including Scheduling, Cancellation, Waitlist and Withdraw actions. Can be filtered by Event date, Action Date, and Event type. 

Waitlist report: Displays information about all applicants on your waitlist for all calendar events. Can be filtered by Event type.

Event Distribution report: Displays capacity information for all interview days based on track. This report can help you understand what interviews are close to filling, and whether certain tracks have more availability than others. This is particularly helpful when you are inviting applicants in waves, as it will allow you to identify potential gaps in your availability.

Track/Tier report: Displays capacity information in aggregate for all Tracks and Tiers. Can be used to identify if applicants within a specific Track or Tier will encounter scheduling limitations, based on the number of spots currently available on your calendar.

Survey report: Displays all survey responses and unanswered surveys for all scheduled and unscheduled applicants. Can be filtered Event Date, Event Type and Survey questions. Allows you to easily identify applicants who have not yet answered your survey.

Daily Digest: The Daily Digest email is a once a day automated email that provides Program users with information regarding scheduling activities that occurred over the previous 24 hours. This email can be managed on the Program and Individual user level by following the Daily Digest Email for Program Users guide. 

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