Geographical Recruitment Outcomes for the Cerebellum Institution Dashboard

The Institution Cerebellum Geographic section, maps applicant density for all program applicants within the specialty.

To view specific program geographical recruitment, select the Institution field on the top-left of the Cerebellum home page and select the program you wish to view. 


The shading display and analysis includes all applicants internationally, plotted by three location points of data:

  1. Current Address

  2. Permanent Address

  3. Medical School / Training Program Address

The map can be zoomed out to see a global view of the institution applicant data or zoomed in for a localized view of the applicant data for the institution. Add highlight to zoom in buttons

The map display can be further customized by toggling the location views on or off by selecting the checkmark next to the field. 

How the data is aggregated:

Current address, Permanent Address and Medical School are calculated from Thalamus and Cortex data imported from the program.

If the program is using Cortex, this data is included automatically. If using Thalamus only, visit these guides for information on uploading applicant Medical School and Current Address into Thalamus:

Uploading Applicants into Thalamus from ERAS

Uploading Applicants into Thalamus NON ERAS

Visit our guides for information on applying Filters, Exporting and Viewing Previous Seasons for Cerebellum Institution Dashboard and for information on Optimizing Cerebellum Institution Data within Thalamus, Cortex and Cerebellum.

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