Setting & Removing Faculty Availability for Users

You can utilize Thalamus to manage faculty availability during interview event dates. This can be done by faculty completing their own availability, or program coordinators and administrators can set availability for faculty.  The process described below is identical for both.


*This is an optional feature* This feature is not required to be completed to utilize the Itinerary Wizard or the Itinerary Builder


Prior to assigning availability, all interviewers (this can include faculty or residents) must be added to the administrative tabs as users.  View this guide: Managing Program User Accounts

If you are an interviewer and are setting your own availability, view this guide: Setting & Removing Availability for Interviewers


1. On the main navigation bar, select “Interviews” → “Faculty Availability”

2. The “Faculty Availability” page will appear with all program interviewers added onto this program on the left hand side. Select the desired faculty member by clicking on their name.



3. The white shading shows what time is available for that day

4. Click on the "+" sign button on the date you wish to add faculty availability


5. Interviewers can be assigned the following options in this screen:

A.  Select "preferred" or "unavailable"

B.  Select whole day or specific time

C.  Option to choose multiple days  Note:  Only future interview events will show.

Note: You can set "preferred" and "unavailable" for the same day or multiple days at the same time.  Set your preferred time and then click on the unavailable tab to set the unavailable time. 


6. Interviewers can also be assigned availability multiple times throughout the day as well by clicking on the "+" next to the set time

7. Remove times by clicking the "X"

8. Click “Save” to confirm this selection. Click “Cancel” to discard changes (or click outside of the box).


9. Once availability is entered for faculty members, their availability will show up in the applicant itinerary builder under the available faculty list. Please see Building Applicant Itineraries and Event Sessions.



10. To delete any set availability, scroll over the time you want to delete and click on the trashcan symbol



NOTE:  For a faculty member/interviewer to appear in this dropdown list, they are required to have a Thalamus account with an assigned role of “Interviewer.”  Please see Creating/Editing/Removing Additional Program User Accounts.




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