Managing Program User Accounts

Programs have the ability to add and manage all program users within their program.  Adding program users under the Administration page will create (or link if they already have an account) a Thalamus account for the user and allow them to access your program and specific interview day information.  Programs also have the ability to add program leaders to the program profile, this is a view only and will not create an account for them.  
Thalamus has two Program Administration Sections:
  • Administration: a list of Program users that have Thalamus Accounts and have access to your program in Thalamus. 
  • Program Administration list in Program Profile: a list of Program Staff that will display on your Program Profile. This list is separate and no longer connected to program user accounts to allow for added flexibility.  How individuals are listed on the profile has no effect on their user accounts and security roles.
    Visit our Creating/Editing your Program Profile guide for instructions on adding Program Staff to your Program Profile. 

1.  To create/edit accounts, select the “Administration” tab in the upper menu bar.

2.  The table may be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on the title of any of the columns. The table may also be searched by typing values into the search bar. Different pages of the table may be viewed by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom left. 

3.  To add a new account, click the “+ Add User” button in the upper right-hand corner.

4. The “Add Program User” module will appear.

5. Enter the email address of the user you would like to add.  Select "SEARCH." 

6. The “Create User” module will appear. If the user already exists, their information will be populated into the "Create User" module. 

7. To insert a photo (optional), select “Update Image” and browse for the desired picture file. Select the picture and select “Open.”  This will then serve as the profile photo for that user.  When the user logs into their own account they will also have the option of selecting/editing their profile photo.

8. Update the user's First and Last Name (required). Phone and Degree information is optional. 

9. RECOMMENDED: The Invitation Email toggle will send an email invitation to the user, allowing them to set their own password. Toggle the switch in the “SEND INVITATION” (it will turn blue).  Upon creating this account, this user will receive an email invitation from Thalamus to finalize their account details and create their own password.


10. NOT RECOMMENDED: If you choose to assign the user their own password, select the “+” button to create a password. Select the "x" button to remove the password. The password must meeting the following minimum criteria:

  • 6 characters
  • 1 upper and 1 lower case letter
  • 1 number or symbol

NOTE: You will need to provide this password to the user directly. They will not receive a notification from Thalamus if you choose this option.

11. In the “USER ROLE” field, select the “+” button to choose at least one user role. User roles are assigned particular permissions:

  • Program Director: Full permissions, listed on Program Profile.
  • Program Coordinator: Full permissions, listed on Program Profile.
  • Program Administrator: Full permissions
  • Program Interviewer: 

    Schedule: They can access their own availability and access their schedule including any video chats that you have scheduled for them.
    Applicants page: They can access it as read-only and they can score applicants through this page.

    Scoring and notes: They can add notes and scores for applicants through the video chat, through their schedule screen, or through the applicants page. They are only able to see their own scores and notes. 

  • Program Resident/ Program Fellow:
    Program Page: They can view it as read-only.

    Schedule: They can access their own availability and access their schedule including any video chats that you have scheduled for them.

    Scoring and notes: They can add notes and scores for applicants through the video chat or through their schedule screen.

    They cannot access the applicant dashboard/ applicant information, or any of the other tabs that are not indicated above.

12. Optional for Cortex users: If your program is using Cortex for application review, you are able to enable or disable Cortex users from your Thalamus program administration page. You can toggle the Cortex access button on for any user you'd like to have access to Cortex. They will be able to log into Cortex through their Thalamus log in credentials. 


13. Once all details are finalized, select “SAVE” to create user account. Should you wish to cancel this process at any time, either click outside of the box or select the “CANCEL” button.

14. New user accounts will be added to the program administration table and the account will be active. 

15. To edit an account, click on the pencil icon under "Actions" and the “Edit User” module will appear. Repeat the process described above to make desired changes to the account and save as needed.  

16. Through the "Edit User" module, you can make additional changes:

  • Toggle on/off Daily Email Updates from Thalamus for this user
  • Remove user from accessing the program through Thalamus.
  • Remove user from accessing Cortex. 





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