Enabling Cortex for Program Users/Faculty

Program Administrators, Coordinators and Directors in Thalamus are able to control which of their program interviewers have access to Cortex. 
  1. To enable Cortex access for a program user, confirm that the program user is added to your Thalamus program. If they are not a current program user, follow the Create and Manage Program User Accounts guide.
  2. In Thalamus, navigate to the "Administration" page.
  3. To edit an account, click on the pencil icon under "Actions" and the “Edit User” module will appear.
  4. Toggle the Cortex access button to on (it should turn teal)Cortex_Enabled.png
  5. Click “Save” to apply the change.
  6. Repeat the process described above to any user account.
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