Managing & Viewing Your Scheduled Social Events

Programs have the option to to schedule applicants manually into social events rather than allowing applicants to self-schedule, you may do so in the following ways:

  1. Private/Hidden Event: When creating the calendar event, mark the social event as “private/hidden”. This will keep the event from being seen by the applicants in their Thalamus calendar when scheduling. This will mean that you will need to notify applicants of available social event dates and their preference. One way to do this would be to utilize the Thalamus survey feature.

  2. Closed Event: When creating the calendar event, mark the social event as “closed”. This will allow the applicants to view the event in their Thalamus calendar, but they will be unable to self-schedule. You can add information into the event description indicating the applicant should reach out to the program to schedule their preferred social event, or you can utilize the Thalamus survey feature. Prog_Social_8.jpg

  3. Enable sign up and cancellation locks: The default global sign up and cancellation lock period will apply to your social events. You can also add additional sign up and cancellation locks on individual calendar events. Prog_Social_9.jpg

    More information on the Calendar Settings can be found in this guide.

Viewing Scheduled Events

You are able to view the scheduled social events for applicants in the following ways:

  1. Viewing the “Action Log” report, from the “Report” button at the top of your screenProg_Social_11.jpg
  2. Selecting the “Social Events” tab in the applicant dashboard. When in this view, you will be able to search by a specific event date, or by all events. To view the applicants' specific dates, click on the applicant's name and the event history window will open.Prog_Social_12.jpg
  3. Selecting the social event in the calendar and selecting “view details”.Prog_Social_14.jpg
  4. On the Applicants page, click on the applicants name you wish to view. The applicant event history window will populate.Prog_Social_13.jpg


Once the applicant is scheduled for a social event spot, the number of available positions will update in the event calendar. Prog_Social_10.jpg

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