Create and Manage Program User Accounts

Programs have the ability to add and manage all program users within their program.  Adding program users under the Administration page will create (or link if they already have an account) a Thalamus account for the user and allow them to access your program and specific interview day information.  Programs also have the ability to add program leaders to the program profile, this is a view only and will not create an account for them.  
Thalamus has two Program Administration Sections:
  • Administration: a list of Program users that have Thalamus Accounts and have access to your program in Thalamus. 
  • Program Administration list in Program Profile: a list of Program Staff that will display on your Program Profile. This list is separate and no longer connected to program user accounts to allow for added flexibility.  How individuals are listed on the profile has no effect on their user accounts and security roles.

Visit our Creating/Editing your Program Profile guide for instructions on adding Program Users to your Program Profile.

Creating a Program User Account

  1. Navigate to the "Administration" page
  2. Click the “+ Add User” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter the email address of the program user being added
  4. Select "Search"
  5. Enter information into the fields provided (required fields are marked with an asterisk)
    • First name (required)
    • Last name (required)
    • Thalamus Video Title
    • Preferred Pronouns
    • Email (required)
    • Phone
    • Degree
      NOTE: If the user has a current account in Thalamus, their information will auto-populate into the fields.  
  6. Select "Invitation Email" preference (see Invitation Preference Options below for more information)
    For highest security, we recommend sending an email invitation to any new user.
  7. Select a Program Role (view Program User Roles and Permissions)
  8. Upload a profile image (this is optional and can be done at a later time)
  9. Select "Save"
  10. User will now be listed in the Administration page

Invitation Preference Options

There are two ways program users can be notified of their account creation. 

  1. When an account is creating, an invitation email will be sent to the new user at the time of the account creation
  2. Create or assign a password for the new user when creating the account.  No email will be sent at the time of the account creation.
    View How can I set a password for a faculty/interviewer? for additional information.

For highest security, we recommend sending an email invitation to any new user.

To send an invitation email at the time of creating the user account:

  1. Keep the "Invitation Email" button should remain toggled to "Yes"

Upon creating this account, this user will receive an email invitation from Thalamus to finalize their account details and create their own password.   

If you choose to assign the user their own password:

  1. Toggle the "Invitation Email" button to "No". 
  2. A Password field will open and allow you to randomize or type a custom password
  3. The password must meeting the following minimum criteria:
    • 8 characters
    • 1 upper and 1 lower case letter
    • 1 number or symbol

IMPORTANT: Prior to saving, document the password created for the program user.  You will need to provide this password to the user directly. They will not receive a notification from Thalamus if you choose this option.                             

Managing Cortex Access for Program Users

Program user access to Cortex is optional and managed through the Users Profile by the Program Administrator, Coordinator, and Director roles. 

To give a user access to Cortex, please visit our Enabling Cortex for Program Users/Faculty guide.



Managing Cerebellum Access for Program Users

Program user access to Cerebellum is optional and managed through the Users Profile by the Program Administrator, Coordinator, and Director roles. 

To give a user access to Cerebellum, please visit our Enabling Cerebellum for Program Users/Faculty guide.



Upload a Profile Image

  1. While in the "Edit User" module click the "Update Image" 
  2. Browse for the desired image file located on your device
  3. Select the image 
  4. Select "Open"
  5. The image will be displayed within the user profiles icon with your program

Edit User Account

To edit an account, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the pencil icon under "Actions" 
  2. Make any updates to to any open field
  3. Click "Save" 
  4. User will be updated.

Through the "Edit User" module, these additional options can also be managed:

  • Toggle on/off Daily Email Updates from Thalamus for this user 
  • Remove user from accessing the program through Thalamus
  • Remove user from accessing Cortex

Bulk Edit User Roles

To edit multiple accounts, follow the below steps:

  1. You can bulk update individual program user roles by selecting the box to the left of the user name and avatar.
  2. Select the "Actions" menu on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Select "Update Role"
  4. Select desired Role from drop-down menu
  5. Click "Update Users" 
  6. User will be updated
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