FAQs - Calendar Events & Applicant Scheduling

This article reviews Frequently Asked Questions about our Applicant Scheduling features within Thalamus.  Resources for applicant troubleshooting are also reviewed.

What does an applicant see when a calendar event is marked private?

Private events will NOT BE VIEWABLE to applicants on the calendar (unless the candidate is manually scheduled by the program for this event).

What does an applicant see when a calendar event is marked as open or closed?

The event status controls the ability for the applicant to view open spots within a specific day and prevents them from self-scheduling for all available interview dates in the program. When the event is marked as "Closed" the applicant will always see events as full even if there are cancellations for the interview day. The applicants will have the ability to cancel their interview if it is prior to the cancellation lock interval.

What happens if there is no calendar date created when an applicant is invited?

Applicants will log into Thalamus and access a blank calendar for your program. This can be confusing to applicants, and they will reach out to your program for clarification. 

If you are participating in a specialty wide invitation or release date, calendar dates can be created for each interview day and marked "closed".  Applicants will be able to see the events but not schedule into them.  You will then be able to open them all on the release date in question. We'd also suggest that you disable your waitlists until the events are open. That will prevent applicants from signing up for the waitlist prior to the release date. 


Are applicants able to schedule when not enough interview spots are available?

No.  Interview spots must be available for applicants to be able to self-schedule to a particular event date.  Open interview spots are based on the track and tier distribution defined in the calendar event.

Applicants may be manually scheduled for a particular date’s waitlist OR “Force Assigned” to create an additional spot on a date that was previously full.  


Are applicants able to schedule when interview days are locked?

Thalamus is equipped with a “Lockout” Date that locks your calendar X days prior to an interview date. Applicants will no longer be able to schedule/cancel/reschedule on their own.  They will have to contact your program and then be manually scheduled/canceled after the lockout date has occurred

Are applicants able to schedule when interview days are closed?

Closed events are VIEWABLE to applicants on the calendar, but with “0” spots available.  Applicants are therefore unable to sign up for the date unless it is “open”. Additional information on program event settings can be found in this guide:

Can an applicant schedule when an interview day is showing as full?

Applicants are unable to self schedule when a calendar date is shown as all spots are filled.  The following user guides will provide the steps on how to change global as well as specific event settings and how to manually schedule the applicant:



How can I manually schedule an applicant?

Applicants may be manually scheduled for an interview session by following the steps outlined in the user guide Manually Scheduling an Applicant for Interview or Waitlist – ThalamusGME


Can I change an applicant’s interview day, time, or status?

Program coordinators/administrators can override and take full control of applicant interview dates including:

  • Cancel an applicant from an interview event or waitlist
  • Reschedule or manually schedule an interview event date for an applicant
  • Withdraw an applicant from your program

Review these guides or more information on manually scheduling or cancelling applicants interview days and waitlists:


Manually Scheduling an Applicant for Interview or Waitlist

Manually Scheduling Applicants After Selecting a Date

Cancelling an Applicant Interview or Waitlist

Deleting Applicants/Withdrawing Applicants/Marking Applicants as “Missed"

What resources are available for applicant troubleshooting?

We have several guides available for applicants that provide troubleshooting tips throughout the scheduling and interviewing process.  Several of the guides include:

Additional guides are available at Program User Guide – ThalamusGME  within the Applicant Guides section.


Can I create more than one interview event per day (e.g. am and pm sessions)?

Thalamus can accommodate multiple events on a single calendar day including am/pm sessions, multiple sessions, or any combination thereof, providing unlimited flexibility based on your programs needs and preferences. 


  1. Applicants can only sign up for one interview day per program. 
  2. Applicants can only attend sessions created within their scheduled event (ie. you have an AM and PM session on a day and want both groups to attend a lunch.  You cannot schedule both group of applicants into the same virtual session.)

Additional information about your calendar can be found in these guides:

Creating Interview Dates

Editing and Deleting an Interview Day

Viewing Scheduled Applicants and Accompanying Data on Calendar







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